Joint Sealing

Extend the life cycle of your asphalt pavement in Seguin, TX with proper maintenance. Crack filling and other repairs, including hot rubberized crack and joint seal, are timely, cost-saving services performed by Tommy Mullins Asphalt Paving. Chip sealing and other maintenance repairs will prolong a pavement’s useful life.

Our loyal residential, commercial, and industrial clients have come to rely on us for dependable results that extend their pavement’s useful life. There is no job too small or too large for our family-run Seguin-based pavement contractor. We customize our work to suit our clients’ needs. With our long history in the business, we understand how the right repairs performed at the right time extend the lifetime of our clients’ investments.

No matter how well-maintained your pavement, it has a useful life that may be extended with timely repairs. Pavement deterioration rates depend on several variable factors, including construction quality, traffic conditions, the climate, and maintenance. Our asphalt patching and other asphalt repairs will never cause disappointment.

Different types of paving services address stages in pavement deterioration such as:

• Routine Maintenance—Crack Filling, Patch Work, Joint Sealing, and Seal Coating
• Periodic Maintenance—Slurry Sealing Every 7 – 8 Years; Partial Overlays as Needed
• Pavement Rehabilitation—Complete Resurfacing after 20 – 21 Years
• Pavement Reconstruction—New Pavement Installation


• Pavement is crumbling, worn thin or worn away
• Large dirt areas need a surfacing treatment


• Gives new life to weathered surfaces
• Extremely durable
• Seals small cracks and imperfections in existing surfaces
• Quick method of resurfacing
• Fraction of the cost of paving

Generally, the deterioration rate increases as pavements age. By fixing small defects before they worsen, maintenance slows the deterioration rate. However, when maintenance is insufficient, rehabilitation is appropriate. Eventually, asphalt removal and replacement become necessary, when repairs, overlays, and resurfacing are not enough.

When it is time for asphalt crack fills, chip sealing, or some other asphalt repair, arrange with Tommy Mullins Asphalt Paving to remedy your Seguin, TX pavement problem.

Our experienced crew will remedy your chip sealing problem quickly and efficiently.

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